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Install Package

All packages from atproto.dart are available at This means that you can easily install the packages provided by atproto.dart into your app with the following command, familiar from the Dart and Flutter.

For example, let's take bluesky package.

With Dart:

dart pub add bluesky
dart pub get

With Flutter:

flutter pub add bluesky
flutter pub get

When installing packages using the Pub command, packages from atproto.dart can be installed in the same way whether you use the dart or flutter command. However, it is recommended that you use the flutter command, which includes Flutter-specific processing, when installing packages with the Flutter app.

Then, in your Dart or Flutter app's pubspec.yaml, bluesky will be added to the dependency as follows.

name: bluesky_app
description: A sample application.
version: 1.0.0

sdk: ^3.0.0

bluesky: ^0.6.0

lints: ^2.0.0
test: ^1.21.0

You can now use the bluesky package in your Dart or Flutter app.