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Backend Actors (profile) search, returns only skeleton.


PropertyTypeKnown ValuesRequiredDescription
qstring-Search query string; syntax, phrase, boolean, and faceting is unspecified, but Lucene query syntax is recommended. For typeahead search, only simple term match is supported, not full syntax.
viewerstring (did)-DID of the account making the request (not included for public/unauthenticated queries). Used to boost followed accounts in ranking.
typeaheadboolean-If true, acts as fast/simple 'typeahead' query.
cursorstring-Optional pagination mechanism; may not necessarily allow scrolling through entire result set.


  • Encoding: application/json
PropertyTypeKnown ValuesRequiredDescription
hitsTotalinteger-Count of search hits. Optional, may be rounded/truncated, and may not be possible to paginate through all hits.
actorsarray of app.bsky.unspecced.defs#skeletonSearchActor--