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Showcase using atproto.dart

List of works people are building with atproto.dart, sorted alphabetically by app name

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  • Unofficial APOD BOT that uses the NASA API to post APOD images to Bluesky at scheduled times.

  • A multi-column web app that aims to be a TweetDeck Alternative for Bluesky. The timeline flows in real time.

  • This BOT uses bluesky_post to post that a pull request has been merged from GitHub Actions.

  • This BOT uses bluesky_post to post hilarious greeting images from GitHub Actions.

  • The bridge/proxy that allows you to use Mastodon apps with Bluesky.

  • An experimental ATP/Bluesky client app for iOS and Android by Flutter.

  • The real-time client for Bluesky Social. Hashtags are supported and advanced features related to custom feeds are implemented.

  • This tool allows you to delete any post in bulk. This application is a fusion of Python and bluesky_cli.

  • Post only Bluesky client app for iOS and Android by Flutter. Specializes in multi-accounts and hashtags.

  • Yet another Bluesky client for iOS. Currently in alpha - has A LOT of missing features. The public road map will be coming out soon.